8 facts about me (for March!)

Yes! It’s has been a while! How are you, dears?

Today I am back for a short brief about other facts in my life. I do not know why but most of the time, at the end of every month I remember about this post most. For all the troubles and issues I have had during the whole 30 days, i just want to get rid of them as soon as possible and have no fancy mentioning about them at all. Let’s keep our life positive!

Here we go!

  1. I work in the area of giving people, or human, information.

  2. I have good memory and normally I prefer to remember good things about people.

  3. If you see me, your first impression about me would be a cold person but actually I am an ice-breaker, believe it or not.

  4. I love dancing, you all know that but specifically this time, it is Contemporary.

  5. I do stretching every single day.


 (from balletbeautiful Instagram)

6. After many years, I first got a stripe T-shirt this month. Hoo-ray the classic!

7. Vanilla is my energy-boosting flavour for coffee.

8. My mum used to be a florist and I still want her to come back to the field one day!

Recently I have been asking people around me about their thoughts of me after long times being together in the friendship or work-ship. I realise that people really change in significant ways that they either know or not know. I keep tracks of my mates’ comments about me 5 years ago and now everything is so different. I thought my habits would stay the same but none of them could be the same ways it used to be. Why is that happened? Why cannot we be the same one we wanted to be before the people and the society told us to be the others? Confusing question!

I simply just want to live the best life that I have. Changes are not always bad, it is just not easy but when the timing comes, we naturally adapt and transform to be better (or worse). For me, I always choose to be the better version of myself!

So give it your all, people! Do your best and no regrets!

I will see you soon in April x


8 facts about me ( for February!)

It is almost weekend and nearly finish the second month of 2014!!!!!!
I don’t know about you but my weekend this week ‘s gonna be busy since I have deadline next Monday so God blesses me!! x

Today post is about my (other) 8 facts in my real life. I know that I am not really “normal” since I want to stay anonymously but still give you some facts about my life. I just simply believe that when I open myself to people even though they have never ever seen me and they still give a smile of recognition for my words, it means a real connection. That’s all I hope and I want for when I do this blog 😡

So, let’s start!

  1. Since I was a kid, my parents believed that I could be a good teacher in the future because I was pretty good at learning things by heart. Honestly, I am in the opposite side. It is not because I’m bad with kids, I just want to dance and do plays. Parents usually think that when you are a kid, you have no idea about what you learn and will not remember the joy and the happiness you would have at that super young age for doing what you love to do. NO!!! I miss and remember everything even now.
  2. My younger brother looks different from me just because he has special eyelids (which means to be very handsome when he grows up, for sure!!!) 😛
  3. I like photography and I admire talented, hardworking photographers. However, for myself, I just use a compact camera since the professional one is too heavy and I have been taught that the best tool and the best light is the one you have in your hands, no matter what!
  4. The amount of books that I own is much more and heavier than my clothes :-<
  5. I keep my diary with me all the time. And a pen, of course!
  6. If we actually know each other in real life, after 1 year without meeting, you will never recognise me if you spot me at the back because my hair grows fast. One year means short becomes long like never ever being cut -.-
  7. I can make a book ( and already made one!)
  8. My beauty tip for nice skin is eating one apple every morning x ( Trust me, ladies and gentlemen!!!)


These are factors which have been selected randomly in my life. If you keep tracks by reading my blog, you may code each of them to see what are important in my real life x Not so complicated, isn’t it? ^^

I hope that you are doing well and I’ll see you on March xoxo


8 facts about me ( for January!)

Image1. I love breakfast with Coffee and Croissant.

  1. My english name has the same meaning with the one my family gave me since I was born (Everything has a reason! Random choice? Nah nah!)

  2. Until now, martial arts is the hobby I wish I learned when I was a kid along side with music and art ( sing, dance, plays and drawing, as simple as possible to explain)

  3. I can speak fluently 2 languages and already started my 3rd one.

  4. Smelling books is one of my habits.

  5. I usually love doing housework enough to not fancying nail polishes, but, when I do my nails, I only apply colours in 3 nails maximum, and all colours are different at the same time.

  6. I wear black socks.

  7. I feel uncomfortable to (even) try or wear animal-printed clothes (no offence, just different choices at different ages)

The point is, I may change sooner or later. I hope that this post would not only help you get to know me but also help myself to keep a record of my own lifestyle. All these 8 factors has been with me for minimum 5 years and right now, I have no desire to change anything yet. Sometimes, if you write down things about yourself, you will realise how committed you have stayed for your true self or the other face of the coin, how boring you have lived in your young time. I don’t know…confusingly great maybe. If I am happy when I reread it in the future, I will constantly smile. In case I’m not, I think I just keep posting other facts, the currently new ones, yeah. We will see x

Have a fun Friday and nice weekend, people x