Never says never

Hello there!

I had gone away for one week and now I’m back.¬† I hope that you are all doing fine, almost (another) weekend so doing your best, people!

This post is mainly to talk about what I think or thought that I would never ever do in my life are always turning out that yes, I have to when the situations come and I am the one holding the flag! The metaphor itself is commonly used in my culture so please don’t mind my words. It just means that when you say no or never about anything, normally everything comes and you have to say yes despite of whatsoever you did say before.

My story is the same in many occasions. To be honest, I am a hard-to-please style in some of my favourite fields. The first one is about service. Meaning service is meaning about people’s behaviour. For me, I always pay attention to waiters and waitresses in the restaurants that I usually come. I know who is who, what time this person or that person works, which baristta is the best for which drink… and to make sure people there know my ‘regular’. After a while when they know me, I always order my own drink or food. They don’t mind, really, and I love all places that I usually come now, or often came in the past before I moved to another cities. However, I do not just think about what they do or remember about my own recipe; I often focus on the waiters and waitresses’ skills. Whether they are good enough at management the time of serving food, welcoming customers, remembering tables and serving right orders… Once time, I remembered I told myself that if I had a chance to be a waitress one day, I would always bring the water to customer who were waiting for their dishes. It would be nice you know when you can keep chatting with your friends and have something to drink in your waiting time. At least, water smoothen your throat! then, I got the chance last summer. After that, I really that I could not serve water as I always thought. The restaurant is not mine, I cannot do what I want because I am an employee and my boss is the king of the empire. Even if the tab water is incredibly cheap as for free, not all customers need to drink it, even me, no tab water for me, only still or mineral, please! Now I know that even though there was only me facing the embaracing truth that I couldn’t tackle the issue that I sweared I would do when I got a chance, I should consider the case carefully in many angles to fully understand the reason why things happens to be their own ways.

Here we come with the second situation. As I mentioned in my last post (facts in my life), my parents thought that I would have become a good teacher but I always know that I am so bad at controling my temper so with kids, I am such a loser (ask my siblings, you will see!). Besides, I can be good at doing anything that I have to do even though I like it or not, if that is the time to do such things, I will put my efforts in the projects without looking at the annoying parts and just looking at the final results, which is pleasure for me. That is one of the contributing factors that my parents take my ability for granted that I am good at mathematics or literature or history (or at least that I like all of the subjects that I have studied in my life). For me, maths is for counting my salary. History is for analysing the historical movies or events when I have free time. And Physics is definitely for fixing households when my husband travels far from home. I would never think of teaching my kids any of these subjects or being able to answer the questions if they have problems in classes or exams. I would not dream of being a teacher or a lecturer or tutor for any single subject even though I like reading (probably suitable for Literature), love singing (can be good at Music), and enjoy learning languages (yes, English or any other languages that I have learned). Nevertheless, life guides me into different paths that I need to learn to adapt myself, step out of my comfortable zone to be ready to learn more.

Right now, I am actually¬†teaching kids Mathematics and will be English as well. Sometimes, I cannot believe what is happening. At first, when I agree to teach Maths (in english), it is mainly for extra cash admittedly. I never learned Maths in english. I stop learning Maths longs time ago. One day I had been asked by one of my friends help her son at the weekend for the subject and I randomly checked the book and realize that it would not be hard so I said OK! Well, problems only come when you actually put your hands to work. How can I explain concepts that I have known for years in another language to a kid who is always questioning the tricks or tips that I give him rather than excepting it and keeping things easy on me? I don’t really think that he is my student, I am a student myself as well. It means that I start learn Maths (after a while) in english (for the first time) to be able to teach the kid. That is when I realize I actually gain meaningful knowledge than just some notes. I understand the system of young boys, how they think about the world, about other people around, and how different culture impacts on education systems. I also learn how to deal with kids and influence their thoughts. I achieve a lot, I can be sure about that now. That is the reason why I agree to teach English as well (I am confident about English more than Maths ^^). For English, I plan to spend time not just let the kids write about specific topics but allow my mind to see the diversity of imaginations in people. I love reading and writing, as well as improve my vocabulary so why not?


So these are some of the cases happening to me that makes me feel like right now, everything can happen and I just need to open and accept it, enjoy the ride but never forget to learn.

What are yours? I would love to hear about it. I also hope that when we are young, we should not expect things to be easy and simply comfortable for us because you cannot learn by not actually working on stuffs yourself. You should make mistake more and more and challenge yourself as much as you can. You are young right? In real time and in your soul, you will always have chances to live your life whenever you want.

Cheers x