8 facts about me (for March!)

Yes! It’s has been a while! How are you, dears?

Today I am back for a short brief about other facts in my life. I do not know why but most of the time, at the end of every month I remember about this post most. For all the troubles and issues I have had during the whole 30 days, i just want to get rid of them as soon as possible and have no fancy mentioning about them at all. Let’s keep our life positive!

Here we go!

  1. I work in the area of giving people, or human, information.

  2. I have good memory and normally I prefer to remember good things about people.

  3. If you see me, your first impression about me would be a cold person but actually I am an ice-breaker, believe it or not.

  4. I love dancing, you all know that but specifically this time, it is Contemporary.

  5. I do stretching every single day.


 (from balletbeautiful Instagram)

6. After many years, I first got a stripe T-shirt this month. Hoo-ray the classic!

7. Vanilla is my energy-boosting flavour for coffee.

8. My mum used to be a florist and I still want her to come back to the field one day!

Recently I have been asking people around me about their thoughts of me after long times being together in the friendship or work-ship. I realise that people really change in significant ways that they either know or not know. I keep tracks of my mates’ comments about me 5 years ago and now everything is so different. I thought my habits would stay the same but none of them could be the same ways it used to be. Why is that happened? Why cannot we be the same one we wanted to be before the people and the society told us to be the others? Confusing question!

I simply just want to live the best life that I have. Changes are not always bad, it is just not easy but when the timing comes, we naturally adapt and transform to be better (or worse). For me, I always choose to be the better version of myself!

So give it your all, people! Do your best and no regrets!

I will see you soon in April x


Moonily welcome!

I start this blog today, on 18 of January because one of my greatest memory began on an 18th some years ago. It was when I was really young, not just young…too young!

Now is in 2014, I’m in my 20s, the most precious time of a human life but I know why young people like me think it is not that precious since we have to spend time at schools, at work while we start to talk about money and jobs or unknown yet but scary ‘future’ waiting for us. I’m in that time, too so I understand the situation totally. However, it is still the time of youth, time of not being scared at all because this time, we are still young (enough to do it again)!

One of my new year revolution is to write more (or type more to share more so learn more). It seems simple without the brackets. That is everything I want in this year, not love as a couple, not super gorgeous dream as a famous star, not luxury clothes as a rich lady. I am young, sorry to admit, but that is the right for me to keep learning. Everybody can, they just refuse to do so.

I cannot tell you what exactly happen to make me create a new blog, I simply dislike Facebook recently and have an interest to stay anonymously when I write, like using pseudonym. ‘Moonppyong’ is Moon with ‘a heart’ in one of my mother language. With that name, I hope to write more stories in this life with my own heart to let people know me and understand my life more. Maybe it is not just my life, it can be many other persons’ situation, the point is who will speak first to find out that others would be the same, matching souls.

In the past, I would hate to express myself. I stayed away from a lot of people whom I had no idea about but no desire to know them, either. Why? Now I’m asking myself the same question. Did they hurt me? No. Were they bad people? Not quite or no idea. Any one stopped me to close to them? Who knew! Yes, nobody knows, even me. Of course, the fact that I cannot open myself to every single person that I have met but at least, I should trust human. Common! I kicked my own ego! There was one time when on the way getting back home after work, I told myself that if I trust human, it means that I trust myself, my choice as well. That was the time I realized how frustrated I had been, just deny to accept the truth.

Maybe because I am young, but now I know I have time, the treasure of life. So I am ready to share and learn.

think positive

I am an Asian living in one of the coolest city in the world, just so you know (a fact!) ^^
Please call me Ppyong, it will make us close.

Welcome to my space 😡